The $TOMB project was created on May 30th of 2021 [1] , its genesis pools launched on June 2nd 2021 [2], it originally employed a Gatekeeper system, which was a tax on the sales of TOMB tokens and creation of LP (Liquidity Pools) at a rate of 1% which would go to the DAO. The intention of this tax was to have funds to generate funds for future use cases and to limit the manipulation of the price by large holders.

On September 3rd of 2021, a bank run ensued on the back of rumors of an exploit related to the Gatekeeper system and a soft rug by developers. causing an extremely large price drop and trust in the project. [3]

Around September 7th of 2021, it was rumored that Harry Yeh had made an agreement and acquired the ownership of the project, on September 11th he confirmed this officially via an announcement on the Tomb Telegram Chat via confirming migrations. [4]
It was during this Migration that the Gatekeeper system was removed. this was confirmed on September 14th, 2021. [5]

As of September 27th of 2021, the TOMB peg had already been fully restored and confidence in the ecosystem was growing anew.

[1] https://ftmscan.com/tx/0x88725502d14c4080a3ee6de5d147b31af59c4f3be1d7be7546d165a65385134e

[2] https://web.archive.org/web/20210626103905/https://cryptosphinx.medium.com/gatekeeper-cheesecake-295bd970631a

[3] https://tombfinance.medium.com/tomb-finance-post-mortem-480fa68375b2





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