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Spookyswap launched and was created alongside its token $BOO on April 25th 2021 [1]

It launched with what is assumedly the following roadmap, and have been Completed accordingly on the following dates:

   V1 - MVP Function - April 25th 2021
   V2 - Limit orders V1- Date Unknown
   V3 - Expert mode V1 with charts and history- Date Unknown

-Liquidity - Supplying and managing- Date Unknown
-Performance Fine-Turning- Date Unknown

-LP Farms - Liquidity providers can stake their LP tokens to earn Farm Rewards- Date Unknown
Bridge - Date Unknown
V1 - AnySwap/Multichain v3 integration, with Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain - Date Unknown
Expansion to serve Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, OKExChain, Harmony, and Cronos - Date Unknown

Full analytics for monitoring TVL and volume - Date Unknown
Snapshot Governance- Date Unknown
UX Design Refinement- Date Unknown

    User Dashboard/Portfolio- Date Unknown
        V1 - MVP wallet and farm position information- Date Unknown
        V2 - Token details and portfolio breakdown- Date Unknown